Types Of Dental Emergencies

In case of a dental emergency, you must rush to your dentist as soon as possible. It would be best if you did not wait; the longer you wait, your condition might worsen. A dental emergency can result from several factors like an accident, sudden pain, gum diseases, cavities, etc. 

While some dental emergencies can have a little time, other severe dental injuries do not have much time; otherwise, they can face permanent loss of a tooth. If these dental timepieces are not treated in time, they can affect your dental health negatively.

If you sustain a dental injury in an accident or have any other dental emergency, make sure to contact a Littleton emergency dentist immediately. A dentist will help you fix your damaged or dental health problems to have healthy teeth for as long as possible. 

Nevertheless, there are sometimes dental emergencies you must identify and never ignore. Immediately head to the dental clinic if anyone knows here. 

Types of dental emergencies

  • Broken or pushed-out tooth

 In severe conditions like accidents, if the victim falls on their face, there is a high chance of damaging their teeth. Sometimes the injured might damage their teeth, profoundly affecting their jawbone and releasing the teeth from the base. However, if you act quickly, this broken tooth can help you pay your dues. 

Make sure you find your tooth and keep it with you when reaching the dentist’s clinic. Because if the teeth are damaged from the base, you have the pushed-out tooth, the dentist might be able to fix your natural teeth into it. 

  • Loosening the grip of the tooth

It could be a dental emergency if you feel like your tooth is loosening or about to fall. While you fix an appointment with your dentist, make sure you try to put your loose teeth into their place and not to put any pressure on them. Also, do not make the mistake of removing and throwing it away. 

  • Cracked or chipped teeth 

If your cracked or chipped tooth is not causing you any trouble, it might not be a dental emergency. However, it still needs to be fixed to avoid any future damages. If the chipped or cracked tooth starts causing you pain, you must immediately head to a dental clinic and get your teeth fixed. 

  • Tissue injury 

While you might think dental disease and disorder are limited to teeth and gums, it is not. A tissue injury inside your mouth can cause wounds and other dental health issues. Ensure you wash the damaged part of your face with only loyalty, which will help secure your film.