What You Should Know Before Taking Herbal Supplements

As you might already know, herbal supplements from brands like Thorne Research at Supplement First have grown in popularity throughout the years, and for many reasons why. People have grown intrigued by affordable, natural, and easily attainable solutions that offer benefits such as reduced pain, weight loss, improved memory, and more. However, before you purchase a bottle and begin taking these supplements daily, there are a few things you must know beforehand. Read on to learn about what you must know before you take herbal supplements.

  1. How to Know What’s in a Herbal Supplement

While supplement manufacturers don’t require FDA approval before putting their products on the market, some things will help you know what is included in a herbal supplement based on the bottle. The FDA will still require all herbal supplements from brands like Vital Nutrients at Supplement First to include the following information:

–          The name of the supplement

–          Manufacturer’s name and address

–          Complete list of ingredients and active ingredients

–          Serving size, amount, and dosage

You can look these up on the supplement’s bottle or check the Dietary Supplements Labels Database online.

  1. How to Know If The Claims Are True

You should not rely on the manufacturer’s claims alone. It’s crucial to research to verify the effects of herbal supplements to be assured you can reap the benefits it claims to offer.

You can get more reliable information about supplements by asking your doctor or pharmacist, or you can contact the manufacturer directly to learn about the data they use to prove their claims. Besides that, check online for scientific research findings, with websites like the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and the Office of Dietary Supplements offering useful information.

  1. Who Shouldn’t Take Herbal Supplements

While herbal supplements are said to be natural and beneficial to everyone, it is always important to speak with your doctor before taking them. Some people may be at risk of taking certain supplements, as they may cause side effects or change the effects of certain medications.

Avoid taking herbal supplements without consulting a doctor if you are:

–          Taking prescription or over-the-counter medications

–          Pregnant and/or breastfeeding

–          Having surgery soon

–          Younger than 18 or older than 65 years old

  1. Safety Tips When Taking Supplements

If you believe herbal supplements are worth investing in, be sure to follow these safety tips:

–          Follow the supplement’s instructions and do not take more than the recommended dosages or take it for longer than recommended.

–          Keep track of how much of the supplement you take, monitoring what you take, for how long, and how it is affecting you.

–          Be cautious about taking supplements manufactured outside the United States, particularly those from China, India, and Mexico.

–          Always stay updated with alerts and advisories from the FDA and NCCAM.

Wrapping It Up

It’s always important to inform your doctor before taking any supplements and to get recommendations as to what you need to help stay healthy.