Omar Yunes Explains the Importance of Staying Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Omar Yunes, a fitness industry expert, knows how important staying fit and active is. Staying fit and active is key to helping you maintain a healthy weight, remain healthy and live a long and full life. But, during the pandemic that we are currently in, staying fit and healthy has been shown to be even more important than ever before. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to continue to work out, eat healthily and stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Omar Yunes Explains Staying Hit Helps Your Body Fight Off Germs and Viruses

Omar Yunes says that one of the reasons why staying fit and active is so important right now is because staying fit helps your body to fight off germs and viruses better. Physical activity helps to boost your metabolism, as well as your body’s natural immunity. This can help you to fight off colds and COVID-19.

Omar Yunes Says COVID-19 Has Proven to Be Rougher On Those Who Are Overweight

Omar Yunes states that another reason why staying healthy right now is so important is because COVID-19 has been shown to affect those who are classified as obese or morbidly obese harsher than those who are fit and in shape. The CDC reports that being overweight can triple your risk of being hospitalized if you catch coronavirus. Obesity decreases lung capacity, and coronavirus makes it hard to breathe, so that is why the two are connected. Staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight decreases your risk of being hospitalized if you catch this illness.

Omar Yunes Details How Staying Fit Can Help Minimize Your Risk of Depression

Omar Yunes explains that the final benefit associated with staying fit during the COVID-19 pandemic is that staying fit and working out can be beneficial to your mental health. Working out produces endorphins, which help you to feel happier. Mental health is a major issue right now. Many people are feeling depressed and more anxious thanks to COVID-19 fears, COVID-19 job-related issues and social restrictions. Staying fit cannot prevent depression or anxiety, but it can minimize your risk and help to improve your mood.

Omar Yunes knows how easy it is to fall into a life of binge-watching television shows, eating junk food and/or treating yourself to extra wine or alcohol because this pandemic has been rough. While it is perfectly fine to give yourself relaxing and indulgent days, making it a habit can affect your health, your weight and even your ability to fight off the coronavirus. Now, more than ever before, it is extremely important ot stay fit and healthy.