How to Take Care of Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction in Concord, NC? 

Severe sensitivity or advanced periodontal disease might require tooth extraction. Simple extractions eliminate the affected tooth without major surgery. After extraction, oral care is crucial. Even on the first day, certain practices can expedite healing and enhance comfort.

Alliance Dental Group can offer you all kinds of dental services in Concord, NC, as many experienced dentist professionals are working here. A few aftercare is needed after you have undergone your tooth extraction.

Control bleeding

Bite down firmly on the gauze your dentist has put to help with bleeding control. A blood clot forms in the tooth socket because of the pressure. Take a bite off of the gauze to stop the bleeding that happens on the first day.

Minimize pain

Follow your doctor’s instructions for pain relief, taking prescribed medication as directed. 

  • Avoid driving if the pain medicine induces drowsiness.
  • Before using over-the-counter drugs, discuss with your healthcare provider if you have liver/kidney conditions, a history of ulcers or bleeding, or are on blood thinners.

Reduce swelling

  • Ease swelling by applying an ice pack to your cheek near the extraction area. 
  • Craft the ice pack by sealing ice in a plastic bag and wrapping it in a clean, thin cloth.
  • Apply the ice pack for 10 minutes, remove for 5 minutes, and repeat as required.
  • Some facial bruising might occur, but it is normal and will resolve naturally.

Get enough rest

After the extraction, for the initial 24 hours, reduce activities like exercise and heavy lifting. It will prevent blood clot formation and also prevent bleeding. Slightly raise your head while lying down.


  • Eat a soft diet, which should be healthy foods or snacks. Also, drink lots of liquids.
  • Brush your teeth gently and avoid the extraction. Ask your dentist whether you can use toothpaste and when you should rinse your mouth gently.
  • Keep the extraction site properly clean. 


  • Avoid drinking by using a straw to suck on candy, ice pops, slurp soups, or other liquids. 
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth vigorously.
  • Avoid smoking for 24 hours. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or using mouthwash that contains alcohol for 24 hours. 
  • Avoid spitting.

The problematic teeth are fully removed through extraction to prevent complications. Afterward, meticulous aftercare encourages clotting and safeguards the healing site. Those with intensified symptoms post-extraction should promptly consult their dentist for appropriate guidance and treatment.