Ptosis Surgery Singapore: Is the Procedure worth it?

Ptosis surgery is a neat way to fix droopy eyelids. As we age, the muscle that raises our upper eyelid, called the levator muscle, tends to stretch and become weak, leading to saggy eyelids.

During ptosis surgery, doctors tighten this muscle to give your eyelid a lift. It’s a simple and effective procedure that can restore your natural, youthful appearance. Learn more about the treatment here.

Is it Worth Getting Ptosis Surgery?

To determine whether ptosis surgery is worth getting for you, it would be best to consider your unique situation first. After that, you will need to compare the benefits vs. disadvantages of ptosis surgery. Real quick, here’s a roundup of the key benefits of ptosis surgery;

  • Improved Vision: Ptosis surgery comes to the rescue when droopy eyelids start to hinder your vision. The levator muscle weakens as we age, causing the upper eyelid to sag and obstruct your line of sight. This can lead to difficulty in reading, driving, or even recognizing faces. The levator muscle is tightened by undergoing ptosis surgery, lifting the eyelid to its proper position. As a result, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your field of vision.
  • Restored Facial Symmetry: Our face thrives on symmetry, and droopy eyelids can disrupt this harmony. Ptosis surgery can work wonders in restoring facial balance. The surgeon helps create a more symmetrical appearance by lifting the sagging eyelid. Your eyes will appear more aligned, and any feelings of self-consciousness due to asymmetry will diminish. This rejuvenated facial balance can significantly impact your overall aesthetic, making you look more refreshed and youthful.
  • Enhanced Self-Confidence: Droopy eyelids can take a toll on your self-confidence, as they may give the impression of tiredness or sadness even when you feel perfectly fine. With ptosis surgery, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in your appearance. The procedure can make your eyes look more alert and open, and that newfound brightness can light up your entire face. This boost in confidence extends beyond physical appearance, as the renewed sense of self-assurance can positively influence your interactions and overall outlook on life.
  • Permanent Results: The beauty of ptosis surgery lies in its long-lasting results. Once the levator muscle is tightened, the positive change in your eyelid’s position is designed to be permanent. Unlike some cosmetic treatments that require frequent touch-ups, you won’t have to worry about returning for multiple surgeries. This permanence allows you to enjoy the benefits of the surgery without the need for continuous maintenance, granting you more time to focus on living your best life.
  • Minimal Scarring: Cosmetic procedures can be intimidating, but ptosis surgery is known for its discreet approach. Skilled surgeons typically make a small incision along the natural crease of your eyelid. As a result, any scarring is generally well-hidden within the eyelid’s structure, minimizing its visibility. The scar tends to fade further as time passes, making it hardly noticeable. This ensures that the focus remains on your beautifully lifted eyelids, and any concerns about post-surgery scarring can be put to rest.
  • Increased Comfort: If you’ve experienced the discomfort of droopy eyelids, you’ll appreciate the relief that ptosis surgery brings. Sagging upper eyelids can strain the eyes, causing fatigue and even headaches. The surgery addresses this issue by lifting the eyelid to its proper position. This way, ptosis surgery can alleviate eye strain and associated discomfort, allowing you to perform daily tasks more comfortably and with greater ease.
  • Early Detection of Eye Conditions: Ptosis can sometimes be an indicator of underlying eye conditions that require attention. During your consultation for ptosis surgery, a thorough examination of your eye health takes place. If any other eye-related issues are present, they can be detected and addressed early on. Timely detection and treatment of such conditions are vital in preventing potential complications and preserving your eye health for the long term.

What are the Disadvantages of Ptosis Surgery?

While ptosis surgery can offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to be aware of potential disadvantages, especially when the procedure is performed by unskilled practitioners or in non-accredited clinics. Here are five potentials disadvantages of ptosis surgery:

  • Unsatisfactory Results: One of the most significant risks for ptosis surgery in Singapore is the potential for unsatisfactory results. If the surgery is not executed properly, the eyelid may end up being positioned too high or too low. This means that you will be left with an unnatural appearance.
  • Complications from Incorrect Lid Placement: If the eyelid is lifted excessively, it can lead to exposure of the cornea. So you may end up with dryness or irritation. In extreme cases, you may experience vision problems. Conversely, if the eyelid is placed too low, it may continue to obstruct your line of sight. This way, the surgery would end up not even being helpful for you.
  • Unnatural-Looking Lid Crease or Contour: Creating a natural-looking eyelid crease is key for achieving aesthetically pleasing results. Incompetent surgeons might struggle to create a well-defined and symmetrical lid crease. If you’re unfortunate to experience this, you may end up with an unnatural appearance. This can be particularly distressing as it can be challenging to correct this issue once your surgery is complete.
  • Risk of Infection and Complications: As with any surgical procedure, ptosis surgery carries a risk of infection. There is also the risk of other post-operative complications. Unaccredited clinics may not adhere to proper hygiene and safety standards. So, if you’re being treated in such facilities, you have a higher risk of catching infections. Also, complications like bleeding, scarring, or adverse reactions to anesthesia can arise. This is especially true if the procedure is not performed in a controlled and accredited environment.
  • Irreversible Outcomes and Need for Revision Surgery: Ptosis surgery aims to provide long-lasting results. However, in cases where the procedure is performed poorly, the outcomes may be irreversible and unsatisfactory. Revision surgery to correct these issues can be complex. It can also be challenging, requiring additional incisions. This only increases your risks of complications and potentially leading to suboptimal results once again.

So is Ptosis Surgery worth it?

Ptosis surgery in Singapore is totally worth it if you’re a good candidate and choose a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon in a reputable clinic. The advantages of the procedure outweigh the disadvantages.

So, insist on the best for the best results! Our expert board-certified plastic surgeons and accredited clinic ensure top-notch ptosis surgery results. So, don’t let droopy eyelids dim your shine. To schedule your consultation, call or visit us at;

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