How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth 

Teeth grinding is one of the most damaging habits for your oral health. The condition is called sleep or nocturnal bruxism, where you grind your teeth while sleeping. Some people subconsciously grind their teeth when they are awake, which is known as awake bruxism. If you are irritated and annoyed because of this habit of yours, there are ways to change it. 

If you suffer from bruxism, it is recommended to see a dentist in Lakeview, Chicago, and find the underlying cause of the condition so that they can lay out a treatment plan. You can try a few home remedies as well. Some remedies work better than others. You may have to try multiple methods before you can find the one that works the best for you. 

Tips to stop grinding your teeth 

  • Mouthguards. 

Mouthguards are devices you can wear over your teeth when you sleep. They are made of a soft, plastic-like material that cushions your teeth and prevents them from grinding against each other. The best thing about mouthguards is that they can be tailor-made at your dentist’s office. This ensures the device fits perfectly over your teeth and does not cause inconvenience. If you have severe bruxism, getting custom-made mouthguards rather than over-the-counter ones is recommended. 

  • Stress and anxiety management. 

The underlying cause of teeth grinding is often stress and anxiety. Unless you deal with the problems inside your mind, you may be unable to fix this condition. It may help to learn strategies that promote relaxation, such as meditation. If the bruxism is related to stress or anxiety, it might help to visit a therapist or counselor. 

  • Reductive coronoplasty. 

Reductive coronoplasty is a dental surgery used to correct the shape or biting surface of your teeth. This method can help if your teeth grinding has been caused due to overcrowding, misaligned or crooked teeth. In some cases, your dentist may recommend an additional procedure called the additive coronoplasty to build up your teeth. 

  • Bring changes in your behavior. 

One of the methods to break a bad habit is acknowledging the fact that you have a bad habit and that you need to change it. Once you are aware that you have bruxism, practice proper teeth and jaw positioning to prevent yourself from grinding your teeth. You can break this habit by simply being more self-conscious, at least when you are awake. Visit a dentist and ask them to show the best position of teeth and jaw and practice it yourself. 

These are some of the methods to stop grinding your teeth. If you still face issues, visit your dentist today.