Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign Treatment

Your dental health will improve, and your confidence will increase due to having your teeth straightened, so the investment is well worth it. Everyone wants to straighten their teeth without having to deal with bulky metal wires and brackets, regardless of age. That is why so many individuals choose Invisalign aligners over traditional braces. Make sure that you contact a dentist in Fairfield, ME.

  • Can Invisalign just be used on the upper teeth?

It makes natural that some patients might only desire to align the top or bottom arches of teeth because every patient’s mouth is unique. While this is technically possible, most dentists advise patients to wear Invisalign aligners over both dental arches during their treatment to avoid the emergence of biting issues. Your bite will probably worsen if you have a moderate bite issue and merely decide to align half of your teeth.

Dentists advise against having aligners for just one-half of your smile since achieving a healthy and balanced bite necessitates moving both of your tooth arches. Booking a consultation is the best approach to learning if you are a rare exception to this advice.

  • Is it hard to keep aligners clean?

Many people are concerned about how challenging it will be to maintain good oral health and clean aligners while getting treatment. In contrast to traditional braces, you only need to remove your trays to brush and floss. The plaque will then be entirely accessible for you to remove from every crevice in your mouth.

You should also clean your aligners regularly and take those out if you drink or eat something other than water if you want to maintain them clear and sterile. You can do this by soaking them in a 50-50 water-vinegar mixture for fifteen minutes, then rinsing them. You can also use specialized cleaning kits for Invisalign. 

  • If I have already had braces, can I get Invisalign?

Many individuals are guilty of acquiring braces but failing to use their retainer. You may still be a suitable candidate for Invisalign even if you have had orthodontic treatment and your teeth have shifted back to their original, out-of-place positions. This procedure can correct a number of flaws, including mild biting issues.

Invisalign is an excellent option for those who lead a social and active lifestyle. You should not have to sacrifice your comfort and appearance just because you want to straighten your smile. If you use clear aligners, you will not need to do one of those things. Regardless of age or orthodontic concerns, you are never too late or premature to enhance your dental health.