Avoid These Food Items If You Want Stronger And Shinier Teeth 

Most people think that having healthy and strong teeth depends on their dental hygiene. However, the secret to good oral health involves regular brushing and flossing, but you also need to be careful about what foods you consume daily. At first, it might be challenging to change your food habits, but with time you will get used to all the alternatives that can make your teeth stronger and protect them from excess plaque. A significant amount of bacteria in your mouth is in plaque, which is also responsible for conditions like tooth decay and staining. 

Experiencing frequent pains or discomfort in your teeth or gums is not normal. You might have an underlying condition that can worsen if not treated promptly. So make sure you visit the best dental services as soon as possible. 

Avoid these food items if you want stronger and shinier teeth!

  • Sour candy 

It is a known fact that candies are not suitable for your teeth. However, eating sour candies can be much worse than regular candies as they have a high amount of acid, which enters your mouth. These candies also stick easily to your teeth which increases the chance of tooth decay and infections. 

If you are craving something sweet, you can opt for a bar of softer chocolate that can be washed out easily. Chewable chocolates can be easily removed by brushing or washing your mouth after you eat them.

  • Bread 

The next time you head to the bread section in a supermarket, think twice. We understand that cutting bread from your diet might be a big challenge for most people. However, when you eat bread, the starches in it turn into sugar as soon as they mix with the saliva in your mouth. 

Additionally, when you are eating the bread, the mixture of the food and silver sticks to your teeth and stays for a prolonged period. This can cause cavities. Nevertheless, cutting out bread might not be an option for some of you, so opt for less refined versions like whole wheat or multigrain bread as these items are low in sugar and the ingredient is challenging to break. 

  • Alcohol 

Alcohol is unhealthy for several reasons. However, did you know that it can harm your oral health too? Drinking alcohol generally dries out your mouth, which reduces the saliva level in your buccal cavity. 

Having enough saliva is crucial to maint good teeth and gums as it washes away the food particles by mixing them, making them hard to stick to your teeth.