Facts About Gummy Bear Implants that You Need to Know

Gummy bear implants are quite different from silicone-filled breast implants, but their growing popularity is making you choose them over the others.

Before you come to this final conclusion, you need to know all about this new innovative breast augmentation method and how it can benefit you.

The gummy bear implant is said to work more effectively than any other traditional method. It gives that natural firmness to your breast, which any other method cannot accomplish.

Just like a gummy candy that retains its shape even after you cut it in half, this implant also gives visualization and makes you feel good and perfect.

As this procedure has a lower rupture rate, it is now becoming popular amongst ladies. You can know more about the gummy bear implant pros and cons on the website of bleen.com, which is a wonderful directory with all the important discussions on breast augmentation.

About gummy bear implants

They are also called highly cohesive gel breast implants that have a tear-drop shape and are gel based.

They are made in such a way that they can retain the shape of your breast much better than any other traditional method.

An ideal candidate 

Women with a smaller amount of breast tissue are excellent candidates as they would want to improve the volume of the breast without an outrageous shape.

It is not suitable for pregnant women or someone who is nursing a baby. Apart from this, only women in an age group more than 22 and above are eligible for the same.


Breast implantation is always considered safe by all the experts. Doctors or surgeons usually do a proper screening to ensure that your implant is placed at the right spot and is not ruptured.

The major complications that people see in these traditional methods are that there are higher chances of the implant getting ruptured which makes the liquid flow out and causes complications.

As the gummy bear implant is made of gel it is more averse to getting ruptured. But the only risk is that it is difficult to detect the damage if it gets ruptured and that is why regular screenings are required.

Pros of Gummy bear implants:

  • They can retain the shape of your breast
  • It is not easy to be ruptured
  • There are fewer chances of getting capsular contracture (where a firm layer of scar tissue gets attached to the implants).

Cons of Gummy bear implants:

  • It is more expensive than other traditional methods
  • It does not move like our natural breast tissue
  • They are only accessible through anatomical forms. The projection is mostly on the lower side and not on the upper area.
  • Also, when the implant rotates, you will need an additional surgical procedure to rectify it.
  • Here you would require a longer incision than the regular one required in the traditional method.

Once you have decided to go ahead with the breast implantation, the first thing that you may need to do is to find a good plastic surgeon having years of experience.

They will work on your breast with expertise and good quality products.