Can Kratom Capsules Help You Manage Period Pain?

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia, typically Thailand or Myanmar. It is an evergreen tree that has been used for centuries as a home remedy for mood and pain. In western countries, it is typically brewed into a tea form. This way, it helps with the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

In recent years, bulk kratom capsules have grown in popularity. They are increasingly being seen to manage period pain without relying on medication or other treatments.

Kratom – a way to cope with menstrual period pain

Yes and no. Kratom capsules are very effective at helping with period pain, but they are not a cure-all. While they are much more effective than simply taking a regular painkiller, they won’t be as effective as stronger forms of medication like codeine or morphine.

It will also take some time to build up a tolerance to the kratom capsules’ pain relief ability. If you are looking for something that will instantly stop your period pain, this is not it. For those that can’t stand the symptoms of their period, however, it can definitely be a go-to method for the next couple of days.

Be aware of the intensity of relief provided by kratom

So, can kratom capsules help you handle the pain of your period? Yes! But it may not be something that will eliminate your pain. It is certainly not something that you can use daily.

If you have tried everything else for period pain, though, and are looking for a natural alternative to more powerful painkillers and treatments, bulk kratom capsules could be the perfect fit.

While kratom is typically seen in Southeast Asia as a home remedy, the West is coming around to the idea that kratom capsules could be an option to treat some types of pain. Females who need a good product to cope with their period pain will find kratom to be an ideal element worth trying. This is perhaps why many female customers are trying their hands on kratom to subside the pain caused by the menstrual period.

Does science back the efficacy of kratom?

In a review conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, researchers reached an interesting conclusion. They mention that kratom has various properties and characteristics. These can help explain its concentration as an effective painkiller.

These properties include:

  • Kratom’s analgesic potency is comparable with that of morphine and hydrocodone.
  • It has a strong relaxing effect. This can be helpful for battle fatigue during the war.
  • It has a mild euphoric effect, which could lessen some symptoms tied to depression.
  • A potential use for opioid withdrawal, considering how it affects moods. This property suggests that kratom could be used in the control of opioid dependence.
  • Potential applications for ADHD, considering how it affects moods.
  • Effective at relieving pain, as well as treating diarrhoea and coughs.


Indeed, women cannot use bulk kratom capsules daily to treat your menstrual cycle symptoms. But it does have a great potential for being an effective alternative to painkillers for only a few days throughout the month.