Intriguing Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

With the cannabis getting legalized in many countries, there are a growing number of users who are taking to cannabis for medical and recreational use. There is also rising interest in cultivating cannabis at home for personal use or trading purposes. 

Though many people use regular and feminized seeds for growing cannabis, autoflower seeds are growing in popularity for the benefits they offer.

We look at the distinct advantages that Autoflower Seeds offer to growers, novices, and experienced cultivators.

1 – Suitable and Compact Growth 

Small and sturdy are two words that best describe autoflowering cannabis plants. Most plants don’t grow taller than four feet. Their growth doesn’t even exceed 30 cm (one foot) in certain cases.

Autoflowering plants inherited this key trait from ruderalis plants which adapted to grow within their difficult environments. Due to their smaller stature, autoflowering plants are ideal for growers with limited growing space or those who want to pack in as many plants as possible.

2 – Early Harvest

The life span of autoflowering strains is significantly shorter than that of photoperiodic strains. Depending on the strain, it can take up to four months or more for photoperiodic cannabis to mature.

Unlike photoperiodic strains, autoflowering plants are generally ready for harvest 8–10 weeks after seed germination. This means your wait time for harvest is not as long, and you can enjoy buds much sooner.

Photoperiodic sativas usually take five months or more to grow. If you choose an autoflowering sativa, the early harvest time is a great asset. Not just for indoor growers but outdoors as well. The shorter life cycle when growing outdoors means growing several rounds instead of one.

3 – Not Dependent On Light Cycles

The flowering in most cannabis plants is determined by ‘photoperiods.’ It means that to bloom, they need a cycle of a period of light and at least 12 hours of darkness every day. Even the smallest amount of light can cause problems with regular cannabis strains.

Cannabis ruderalis strains aren’t photoperiod-dependent. So, they don’t require this typical light cycle. Hence, autoflowering strains begin to flower automatically without darkness and generally aren’t affected by a light leak.

4 – Best For Beginner Growers 

Autoflower seeds are ideal for first-time growers or growers who have just started. Autoflowering types are pretty much independent, and their growth and life cycle don’t need too many inputs from the cultivator.

They are low maintenance overall, especially eliminating the laborious task of maintaining light cycles for flowering. It also means that growing requires less equipment and growing experience or know-how to make the autoflowering variety grow successfully.

5 – Better Weather And Diseases Resistance

This is an extension of the earlier point about autoflower seeds being good for beginner growers due to the low maintenance. Autoflowering strains are better at adapting to colder climates and being more resistant to diseases of all kinds.

Whether it’s mildew, mold, pests, or fungi, if these problems bother you, you should get seeds of autoflowering strain the next time. It might save you some time and frustration!

As a result of their ruderalis genetics, these plants become stronger and more hardy, making them a great choice for both new and experienced growers alike.

In conclusion, autoflower seeds are a great option for growers who prefer a low-maintenance, fast-yielding type. To buy the best quality autoflower seeds, please click here.