A lot of people, whether they are kids or adults tend to become anxious whenever they are going to a dentist. It is also one of the biggest reasons why many people ignore their oral health for a very long time to come. When you are headed to Smile on QueensSedation Dentistry smth can make things easier for you. Even undergoing sedation might make one a little apprehensive. We are here to tell you some important things about it, that will help you to be at ease.

Is it safe to undergo sedation?

There are minimal risks involved when it comes to sedation dentistry. The dentist will ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken to ensure your safety. Before you undergo sedation, the very first step is to determine whether you are the ideal candidate for sedation or not. The dentist will ask you about your overall health and whether you are currently on any medication. Based on that, they will be able to determine which sedation method would be best suited for you and how to go about it. Even during the procedure, your breath will be closely monitored.

Who can undergo sedation dentistry?

There is no particular age that makes a personal ideal to undergo sedation dentistry. The person should be in good overall health. This would be determined by the dentist.

What are some of the side effects?

Though sedation dentistry is completely safe, there are certain side effects which are associated with it. These side effects include dizziness, grogginess, headache, nausea and being unaware of time for a brief period. Hence, it is always advisable to have someone pick you up after your treatment.

Is it a safe option for children?

Pediatric sedation dentistry is completely safe. The sedation is performed under a clinical setting and the child is monitored closely throughout the process. Before the child undergoes sedation, the dentist will ensure that they determine whether the child is a good candidate to undergo sedation dentistry or not.

What types of dental procedures can be provided under sedation?

Various dental procedures can be performed while you are under sedation. It includes emergency dentistry, dental implants, gum grafts, oral surgery, root canal treatment and tooth extraction.

Will you feel anything during the treatment of sedation dentistry?

There is no clear yes or no answer to this question. Some people have said to feel slight discomfort. However, most patients have reported feeling nothing during the procedure. Sedation helps to make a majority of the patients feel more relaxed.

What are the different types of sedation used?

There are three popular types of sedation methods. It includes general anaesthesia, nitrous oxide sedation and the oral pill. Nitrous oxide sedation is also known as the laughing gas. It is a safe and great option for everyone. It is a quick-acting gas, which leaves your body within 5 minutes after being turned off. The dentist will decide the sedation method to be used.