All You Need To Know About Contact Lenses And Eyeglasses

Ideally, Glasses & Contacts lenses go hand in hand. If you have any eye problems, then you should consider wearing glasses and contacts without a doubt. The perfect pair of glasses needs to rest perfectly on your nose, and it shouldn’t be pressing against your cheeks or forehead. Besides that, it shouldn’t rest so far towards the end of the nose that they would slip when you would wrinkle.

Tips For Wearing Glasses

·        Wear Glasses With Your Hands

If you have an eye problem, then you need to learn how to wear glasses with both hands. You need to handle your glasses carefully with both hands, so there is minimum stress on the hinges. It would be best if you placed the frame seamlessly on the tip your nose, and too much stress can lead to a strong impression around your nose area.

·        Wear The Glasses On Your Nose’s Top

While wearing Glasses & Contacts, you need to ensure that glasses touch your nose bridge, and you can do it with your forefinger so you can gently it push it upand  that frames sit comfortably on the nose’s top. You need to ensure that your glasses sit perfectly betweenthe eyes and forehead’s while you wear them unless your optician has specified something else. Finally, you should ensure you don’t stretch your glasses and contacts. Above all, ensure you don’t put your eye glasses on your head’s top as it can stretch and the shape will be lost in time.

·        Don’t Wear It Too Tight Or Loose

You need to ensure the length between your arms and glasses is perfect, so you need to ensure that you keep the arms bent perfectly. It will help you solve your eye problem. Generally, the space between your lens and eye need to be around twelve millimeters, which isn’t that far from the general distance. If you fail to maintain the proper length, then there can be chances of prism effect. The prism effect often leads to dizziness, distorted vision, fatigue, and others.

·        Keep Your Lenses Clean

You might have learned how to wear Glasses & Contacts, but you need to ensure that these lenses are always clean. You can use an eyeglass cloth and clean the glasses at regular intervals with water and mild soap. However, it would be best if you kept the lens clean, or else it would affect your vision and might deepen it with time.

·        Keep The Glasses In A Glasses Box When Not Wearing Them

When you are not wearing your glasses, you should ensure that they are protected. It would be best if you wrapped the lenses in flannel and close the left and right lenses. Hence it would be best if you placed the glasses in the case to protect them from dangers. In regular use, you need to ensure you fold your eye glasses when you remove them. The lenses must be facing up.

Above all, Glasses & Contacts help you improve your vision.