What should I not do after a root canal procedure?

The initial days after going through a root canal procedure will prove challenging and daunting. The entire procedure was already painful to a great extent, even when the dentist used anesthesia. Furthermore, the thought of going through the same or less pain for the upcoming few days is not motivating. 

This is why dental aftercare after going through root canal therapy is extremely important to manage post-therapy pain and symptoms. While your dentist will discuss with you the ways to manage the pain after the root canal therapy, you need to ensure you’re listening to their advice and implementing lifestyle changes. 

The preventative measures are there to ensure you don’t develop any oral complications after root canal therapy. Here are a few things suggested by a Kelowna dentist you should avoid. 

Don’t Eat Immediately: As root canal therapy is a painful and time-consuming process, many patients become hungry after the procedure is complete. They make the mistake of eating something immediately, which will cause further problems if they eat sugary foods. After the procedure, the anesthesia will still have an impact on the teeth and gums, making them prone to bacteria and infections. Due to the numbness from the anesthesia, you cannot chew or swallow your food properly, increasing the risks of injuries and improper bites. Discuss with the dentist, and they will let you know when you should consume your first food. 

Don’t Brush Your Teeth Aggressively: After root canal therapy, you will assume that the root and gums of the tooth have become stronger, alluring you into making the mistake of brushing aggressively. Root canal treatment is not a miracle medical procedure. After the completion of the procedure, the root and gum will enter the recovery stage. This is why you need to brush gently during the initial days after the root canal therapy. Don’t put pressure unless you’ve recovered completely. 

Avoid Crunchy Food: Even if you have recovered from the root canal therapy and started your everyday routine, you still should not eat crunchy foods. Apart from the crunchy foods, you should also avoid chewing hard foods. As the tooth canal will take a few weeks to recover, hard foods can cause significant damage. Unless your dentist permits, stay far away from hard or crunchy foods. 

The root canal process might seem intimidating and hectic, but if you manage to avoid these mistakes after the procedure, you can easily manage signs of discomfort and pain. An experienced and skilled dentist can help you reap the best benefits of root canal treatment.