What Role do you have to play to put a Stop to Molly’s Consumption? 

Molly, a short form for molecule, is a synthetic form of MDMA. This chemical component of ecstasy is a stimulant and a psychedelic, which causes a loss of senses and time. In addition, it would cause energy surges. Molly tends to get you high. It is relatively cheaper and immensely popular worldwide. 

Effects of Molly on the brain 

Can you smoke Molly? Rest assured that Molly could be eaten, smoked, and swallowed. The effects would begin approximately twenty-five minutes later. You would begin to feel the euphoria due to the rush of neurotransmitters inclusive of dopamine and serotonin would help you feel elated, energized, and empathetic. The drug tends to sharpen the senses. As a result, it has been widely used at concerts for enhancing the auditory experience. 

After a few hours, the effects would reduce and eventually over. However, the brain does not forget. It would not produce the same amount of neurotransmitters due to its reliance on Molly. During this time, the users would be flooded with depression. Long-term usage of Molly would experience forgetfulness and other mental effects. It would cause reduced academic performance. 

Users would often turn to other illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine to receive a similar high they experience on Molly. It tends to make Molly a gateway drug. 

Consumers of Molly 

Molly is usually consumed by people between the age of sixteen and twenty-four. It would not be difficult to find the drug. You would require sending a message through any social media platform to your friends or classmate, and the drug is readily available for a reasonable amount. As a result, Molly has allured several new young users. However, gathering more information about the drug could reduce or stop the usage of the drug altogether. 

Putting a stop to Molly’s consumption 

It could come from a wide range of things inclusive of more education and drug prevention knowledge. It would also provide rehabilitation services for addicts. Knowledge and education about the ill effects of the drug could stop its consumption. However, you would be required to use stricter enforcement. 

Consumers would be required to put a stop to Molly and other synthetic drug use. Consider talking to your children and ensure the schools are also doing the same. Gather knowledge about the signs of abuse and help your loved ones.