The Reasons Why You Should Choose Utherapy Over Facelift Surgery

Everyone wants to look young and have a flawless skin, but as time passes and they get old their skin starts sagging and wrinkles appear. Facelift is an option. but it will require surgery, whereas Ultherapy 超聲刀 is a noninvasive and non surgical treatment used for tightening the skin and removing wrinkles on face, neck, jaw line and chest.

The goal of Retens is to make your skin look ten years younger. Their medical aesthetic team delivers safe and effective services using latest technology along with professional guidance. They provide various services to get your skin and body into shape like Ulthera, optical treatment, skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. They are located in TsimShaTsui, with six thousand square feet treatment rooms providing spectacular views of sea and city.

Ultherapy works by using the right temperature for collagen regeneration while targeting areas under the skin with focused ultrasound energy. The applicator produces heat energy, which aims different depth affecting muscle, skin and superficial wrinkles. It results into firmer skin, less sagging and fewer wrinkles.


  • The physician or laser technician will clean the area of any oil or residue, which they are to work on and apply ultrasound gel.
  • Next they place ultherapy device on the skin and then adjust the settings on ultrasound viewer.
  • You might feel intermittent heat and tingling sensation during the treatment.
  • Depending upon the treatment single procedure is likely to last up to ninety minutes. The treatment on chest will last for thirty minutes.
  • The applicator will be removed once the treatment is over.
  • For easing up any discomfort experienced, pain medication can be prescribed.

Side Effects:

Commonly there are no side effects but if they are present, they will be minimal. The treated area may become flushed or red after few hours of procedure. Short term side effects that may occur are swelling, tingling and tenderness, in rare instants some bruising and numbness may be experienced, which will not last more than few days.

As it is noninvasive treatment people can go on with their life as usual after the treatment. They can resume their work, exercise or socializing as per their routine.


Ultherapy 效果 can be seen within few days of the procedure depending upon the body’s ability to produce new collagen. The results continue develop for up to three months. How long the results will last depends upon how long can body keep producing new collagen and till the natural aging process starts again.

The cost of ultherapy depends upon the area or areas to be treated, the number of sessions needed to make the skin look younger and the location where you decide to have the treatment.

Lastly, we would advise you to be cautious as some utherapy instruments used can be fake and dangerous for your skin. So, you should always make sure that devices used are original and certified. Ultherapy is one of the best options you have to get that younger and glowing looking skin.