The Procedure of Getting Under Eye Fillers

Fed up of dark spots? Have tried every remedy and nothing worked? Worried if you’ll ever get rid of the dark and dull marks? Fret not! Under-eye fillers are at your rescue! 

What exactly are under-eye fillers? Under eye fillers make use of hyaluronic acid which is injected directly into the under-eye region. It is a non-surgical procedure and contrary to popular belief, not a permanent one. To see visible effects and maintain them, you might have to consistently follow up certain procedures every 6-18 months. 

Let’s now delve deeper and understand how the procedure takes place in entirety. Make sure you research thoroughly before going for the procedure and choose a reliable source to get the treatment done. 

A] Before the procedure 

Injecting is of course the real deal but using the under-eye filler procedure involves a lot of pre-processes too. There are some prerequisites you need to adhere to so your treatment is carried out smoothly. Let your doctor or treatment providers know of all the medications and supplements you have so they can guide you accordingly as to which ones to discontinue and at what point of time. It’s always a good idea to not consume alcohol night before the procedure.

2] During procedure 

The major procedure takes around 5 to 20 minutes. Primarily the doctor will mark the area and sterilize it using a cleansing fluid. Before the start of the procedure, the doctor will ask whether you want to make use of a numbing cream or are good to go without it. If you opt for the numbing cream, a few minutes will be spent in application and absorption of it. Post this, piercing a needle through your skin, the filler will be injected into the area. One or two shots of injections might be required. 

3] Post treatment 

After a duration of 48 hours, you’ll notice mild bruising and swelling which in all probability will be short-lived. Your doctor will give you an ice pack to apply and might recommend a follow up to assess the area and determine whether additional injection of filler is needed. Intense physical activity for 24-48 hours after getting any type of filler should be avoided. 

Eye fillers are a very common procedure for alleviating darkness under the eyes. Make sure you choose an highly experienced and efficient service to get it done.