Play Squash Daily – Get Fit and Fabulous 

Getting fit and fabulous is on everyone’s priority list. If you feel unfit and have stopped indulging in any kind of physical activity, it is time to join a gym or play a sport. There are different kinds of sports – basketball, soccer, swimming, racquetball, and more. You might have heard about the famous game – Squash. 

There are many perks of playing squash. People have started playing this sport because they want to reap the benefits. You must be excited to find out! Thus, we will reveal the perks of playing squash daily. Take a quick look! 

#1 Anybody and everybody can start playing squash 

Squash isn’t a hard game. It has easy rules and is quite adaptable too. Whether you are a kid or an adult, it is easy to learn the game and start playing regularly. 

The players can even purchase equipment as per their height, skill, and size. 

#2 Helps in boosting cardiovascular health 

Squash is an aerobic activity. It’s a cardio workout where people get to jump and move around quite a beat. People leap, run, and dive to hit the ball. Blood pumps harder and your body gets lots of oxygen to keep you going. 

You must play squash to boost cardiovascular health. However, heart patients should not overdo it. If you have asthma or heart disease, speak to your doctor before you indulge in long playing hours. 

#3 It’s a fun sport 

If you are someone who is conscious about their health but does not like going to the gym, then squash is a good workout. It is a fun game and you get to interact with people too. 

The sport requires you to expend energy. Your whole body gets toned up. Are you aware that you burn about 500 calories every 30 minutes? It depends on your height, sex, and weight as well. 

#4 Play squash all-year-round 

You can’t step out in harsh weather, but there is a certain gym where you can play squash all year round. 

What if there is a snowfall or rain? You can still go and play squash without getting wet or cold. 

#5 Teaches you about friendly competition 

We get too competitive in real life, but squash teaches you sportsmanship. 

Someone will win and others will lose. It’s all healthy competition, thus you must play squash. 

Concluding Thoughts 

West-end Cavendish gym Squash is where you can start playing this sport. 

You can make some new friends, get fit and fabulous, and even learn a new sport. 

Feel free to contact the gym and ask about the pricing and timings.