Signs That You Need Root Canal Therapy

If you have a tooth that is infected or decaying, your dentist might suggest a root canal. A root canal is mostly done only when the pulp of your tooth is infected. The pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels stimulating your teeth and nourishing them. During the procedure, your dentist will extract the pulp and clean and seal your tooth. 

You must get a root canal done for an infected tooth in time since the only option available later on would be to get the tooth extracted altogether. For any kinds of dental services, make sure to contact Phoenix, AZ dental clinic for at-par results. 

Warning Signs that you need a root canal!

  1. The first and the most common symptom is extreme pain in your tooth. The patient may experience pain mainly when the tooth is put under pressure. This pain is very common when you have a decaying or broken tooth and should be taken seriously. 
  2. Another very common symptom you will see is the presence of pimples on your gums. It indicates an advanced infection and should be looked at by a dentist. 
  3. Swollen gums are not just extremely painful but also a sign of insufficient blood supply to your teeth. This happens because your veins are clogged due to the infection, leading to swollen gums. 
  4. A change in color of your gums or teeth is also a clear indication of an infection. The discoloration is due to an insufficient blood supply to your teeth or gums due to an infection. Therefore, you should seek help from a dentist as soon as possible. 
  5. Teeth with cracks left untreated can lead to different kinds of infections. The broken or damaged tooth may lead to the pulp exposed to the saliva and can become a breeding ground for bacteria. A root canal is the best option in such a case since otherwise, your tooth cannot be saved. Sometimes the crack can be microscopic and can only be noticed by a dentist.
  6. A prevalent yet mostly ignored sign is that of tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity, if experienced suddenly, can be due to an infection and should be looked into. 
  7. In rare cases, you might notice swelling in your body’s neck and head region. It is a sign of advanced infection. In such cases, the bacteria have bred so much that they have entered the bloodstream. Sharp stinging pain in the neck near a tooth might be because of an infected lymph node, and it is highly advisable to get a root canal done before you reach this stage.