Reduce The Symptoms of Sleep Apnea With Certain Lifestyle Changes

Do you feel drowsy during the day for no reason? Do you wake up feeling breathlessness or snore loudly in the middle of the night? If you are facing any of these problems then you may be one of the millions of Americans who have sleep apnea.

What is it exactly?

This is a condition in which you stop breathing periodically during sleep, usually 20-30 times in an hour. You don’t take in enough oxygen, which causes you to gasp and often wake up. In many cases, you are not even aware that you have stopped breathing and think your sleep cycle is normal. This is not so. The constant waking and sleeping, sleeping and waking pattern prevent you from enjoying deep sleep, which results in a constant drowsy feeling throughout the day. ‘

You might also wake up with a dry mouth as you have been breathing with an open mouth that has dried your saliva. There could be a headache too, which may be caused due to low oxygen or high level of carbon dioxide.


Common sleep apnea treatment includes medication, breathing devices, and surgery. Contact Orion Dental Specialties, which specialize in treating this kind of sleeping condition. They are the best dental clinic in Cypress, Texas to provide a variety of dental treatments and sleep disorder problems too. They have 37 years of experience in cosmetic, pediatric, prosthetic and implants, periodontics, and sedation dentistry.

The sleep apnea specialist from Orion Dental Specialties may advise a sleep study at the clinic to diagnose the exact extent of the problem and can prescribe the best treatment. Depending on the condition, they might advise you to go for an oral device that can be customized for you.

Health complications due to this sleeping condition

This kind of unhealthy sleeping condition can cause many health complications besides leaving you very tired in the morning. Leaving this condition untreated can:

  • Increase the risk of heart conditions and heart failure too
  • Trigger many types of mental health issues
  • Increase blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones
  • Lead to poor immunity
  • Cause memory loss

Lifestyle remedies

If you follow a good lifestyle with some sleep apnea therapy and home remedies, it may offer relief and help to reduce the symptoms.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight – Weight reduction can keep your air passage clear and reduce symptoms of this sleeping condition.
  • Women in particular need to be careful as they tend to gain weight after menopause and hence this sleep condition too.
  • Yoga is an excellent therapy for this condition as it increases energy level, strengthens your heart, and improves sleep quality. It also improves your respiratory power and enhances good oxygen flow.
  • Change your sleep position – sleeping on the side can help in normal breathing
  • Use a humidifier for adding moisture to the air as dry air can irritate your respiratory system.

Apart from the home remedies, if your symptoms begin to worsen, get in touch with Orion Dental Specialties, Cypress TX for immediate treatment.