Reasons to Consider Botox Treatments

Every year, millions of people see their dermatologists to receive Botox injections. 

Why is this treatment so popular and so well known? In short, the answer is that Botox is safe, widely available, and extremely effective. 

Let’s take a look at some of the important characteristics of Botox in depth.

Botox is Safe

In order to make Botox, scientists extract proteins from a neurotoxin. Specifically, the proteins are harvested from the Botulinum toxin. Because of this fact, many people are nervous about receiving Botox treatments. However, Botox is extremely safe.

In fact, the common side effects are so minimal, they are almost not even worth mentioning. For example, patients who receive Botox injections can expect to possibly experience bruising, swelling, and soreness near where the treatment was performed.

In rare cases, some more serious side effects may occur such as facial drooping, and intense headaches. While these symptoms are not necessarily life threatening, it is still a good idea to follow up with your dermatologist, should you experience any of these rarer complications.

Botox Does What It’s Supposed to Do

Botox works by temporarily reducing the tightness and activity of muscles and nerves in an area of the body. Therefore, Botox is frequently used to smooth out wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that lie underneath the wrinkled skin.

Interestingly, Botox can also be used for other purposes besides treating cosmetic issues. For instance, conditions such as spasticity due to a neurologic condition respond well to Botox treatments. The same principles apply to spasticity as they do to cosmetic needs: Botox relaxes these muscles and affords patients more ability to move easily.

Botox Procedures are Quick, the Treatment Works Fast, and the Results Last

Most Botox treatment sessions take only about 15 minutes. This makes it easy to fit a Botox procedure into a busy schedule. While many doctors recommend avoiding exercise and heavy lifting for a few hours after the procedure, Botox will have little effect on your daily routine. You can return to work or your daily schedule immediately after having the treatment performed.

Within roughly a week of receiving Botox injections, the patient will begin to notice decreased wrinkles. After about two weeks, the patient will experience the full effect of the Botox.

These effects often last for many months (sometimes as long as six months) from the time of the injection. Also, it seems that patients who undergo Botox procedures more regularly tend to need less time between treatments.

Is There Any Reason to Avoid Botox?

Aside from some medical conditions that may prevent patients from receiving Botox, there is no good reason for a person to avoid them if they want them. Again, Botox is safe, effective and the results are long lasting.

If you have any concerns about Botox treatments, dermatologist’s offices are ready to take your call right now. These professionals have performed thousands of Botox injections over the years and can talk you through the entire process. Set up your first Botox appointment today!