Lash Extension Services in London for a Full Glamorous Look

London has some of the best beauty parlours and hairdressing salons worldwide. If you live in or visit central London, you will be amazed at the excellent cosmetic salons providing a wide range of services. Services that can be found include hair bleaching, manicures, facial massage therapy, and face detoxification. A service that is recently becoming more well-known is eyelash extensions. 


Applying eyelash extensions is a process that takes approximately ninety minutes. Each eyelash must be secured to your existing lashes one at a time; the salon specialist will apply the extensions with a special adhesive, then curl the eyelash until she achieves the desired look. As each eye has around a hundred lashes, it is no wonder this is a time-consuming occupation that an able professional should only carry out. 


The benefits of eyelash extensions are they give you fuller eyelashes. You can choose how glamorous you want your extensions to look; some women like to have very long obviously fake eyelashes while others prefer to go for a more natural look. 


Gradually your eyelash extensions will need replacing. This is not because they have become unattached but rather because the real lash, they were stuck to has fallen out naturally. The extensions will only be as durable as the natural cycle of your eyelashes, so be willing to have them touched up every five or six weeks. 

Caring for Extensions

When you have eyelash extensions put on, there is little need for mascara as your lashes already appear thick and lush. However, you can use it if you prefer to, if the mascara is water-based and not oil-based. 

To ensure that your eyelashes last as long as possible, only use water-based cleansers or water with mild soap to cleanse your face at night. Similarly, it would be best if you did not use oil-based washes or eye shadow removers. The oil will loosen the adhesive that secures the extensions to your lashes, causing the extensions to fall off sooner than usual. 

If you are unsure which creams are water based and which contain oil, find out from your beautician for a list of suitable products you can use with lash extensions. Most professional salons also have creams for sale that do not use oils. 

Water will not ruin your eyelash extensions, but you should be mindful within the first day after having them fixed and not stand directly under a powerful shower jet. Once 24 hours have passed, you can shower or swim as usual, without wondering if the extensions may drop off.

Celebrities that Use Lash Extensions

Many celebrities have also jumped on the lash extensions bandwagon, adding length and fullness to their natural lashes. One of the most famous celebrities who use lash extensions is Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star and businesswoman is known for her love of thick, full lashes that complement her makeup looks. She often shares her beauty routine on social media, and lash extensions are a regular feature. Singer Ariana Grande is another celebrity who loves her lash extensions. She often opts for long fluttery lashes that enhance her doe-eyed look.