Is Exercising Possible with Breast Implants Surgery in San Diego?

When people get their breast implants done, one of the most commonly asked questions is whether they will be able to exercise regularly after the implants. While the answer is usually yes, it’s important for those who underwent surgery to adhere to certain guidelines while exercising. In general, breast implants are a good option for those who tend to be more active. However, you should not be worrying too much about getting back to the gym right after the implant. If you are unsure about what to do or not to do, consult a San Diego plastic surgeon

Here are some things to keep in mind if you recently got your breast implantation done:

Do not overdo exercise:

Right after you get your breast implants, it would be best if you went for easy strolls and mild laps around your property. We are advising this so that there are fewer chances of any blood clots, as it can lead to complications. Given that you recently got the implants, you should steer clear of any strenuous activities. It’s also crucial to note that since implants are positioned either beneath or above the chest muscle, it is not a good idea to overstress your torso, in particular. Workouts that create strain on your chest or back, such as lifting weights or chest and shoulder workouts, should be avoided. Patients may often resume all types of exercise, including strenuous cardio, within six weeks after being recovered.

Adhere to the guidelines of the surgeon:

Your surgeon knows best. Right after your operation, there is a timeframe that you need to adhere to before you get ready to exercise again. You need to understand that your body went through drastic changes during the surgery, so you need to give it the proper time to heal as well.  So whatever your surgeon says, listen to him. 

Moreover, if you start exercising right away after the operation, it can also affect the results of the surgery. You wouldn’t want to see the surgeon soon after getting work done. Therefore, stay put and let your body heal and recover before you decide to participate in any strenuous activity. 

Final thoughts:

There are a lot of things to consider right after getting your breast implants. There are numerous restrictions as well, so get in touch with your surgeon to understand what you can or cannot do.