How to Maintain Your Dental Health After Periodontal Treatment?

You might be surprised to know that periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in America, and more than one-third of the population doesn’t even realize they have it. The treatment for gum disease can vary depending on the severity and duration of the condition, but understanding your options will do wonders for your dental health. The best way to maintain good dental health is to make sure that you’re getting regular check-ups. This can prevent gum disease from developing in the first place and will allow your dentist to detect it early on.

In addition, it is essential to get proper dental care in Plymouth even after getting periodontal treatment. In fact, it is always recommended that you undergo regular screening tests after periodontal treatment. A dentist will provide long-term care for gum disease and its related dental issues, such as gum recession.

Here are what your regular check-ups should include after periodontal treatment, in addition to cleaning and evaluation:

  • Diagnosis with x-rays

X-rays are an essential tool for the detection of periodontal disease since they can help reveal pockets around the teeth. They will be helpful in detecting new infections if you are susceptible to them and can alert you with early detection of cavities. 

  • Examination of existing restorations

A thorough examination of your existing restorations, such as crowns and fillings, is also recommended to make sure they’re in good shape. Your dentist will be able to warn you about any problems with them and will recommend the best way to maintain your dental health. Again, this is especially important after getting periodontal therapy since some restorations might require additional care or repair.

  • Check-up for tooth decay

As you brush your teeth regularly, it’s important to remove plaque and other debris that can form in between teeth. Sometimes, the bacteria associated with periodontal disease can form cavities and tooth decay. This is why regular dental check-ups are essential for the detection of early signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Oral cancer screening

It is also important to note that getting periodontal treatment does not mean you should stop regular cancer screening exams. Your dentist can recommend a series of tests that will help detect early signs of oral cancer and other types of tumors.