How does the surrogacy program work?

The interaction between parents and Delivering Dreams within the surrogacy program implies passing through certain stages of cooperation. To give you an idea of how the surrogacy program will work, let’s look at the standard order of cooperation.

  • Parents-to-be study the necessary information about the programs offered on the company’s website. Then they fill out a questionnaire or call the company and have their first contact to specify a date and time for a meeting between a company representative and their clients.
  • Parents-to-be call a representative of the Delivering Dreams During the consultation the clients are informed on all legal, material, medical and legal aspects of surrogacy program. Clients are offered a choice of one of the existing programs.
  • Additional medical consultation is arranged.
  • The future parents and the company conclude a contract on surrogacy program services drafted by an experienced lawyer in the issues of reproductive technologies with consideration of the clients’ interests and possible force majeure.
  • Clients have access to a large database of surrogate mothers containing only suitable candidates who are ready to participate in the program in the nearest future.
  • The surrogate chosen by the future parents undergoes additional medical examination in one of the best medical centers affiliated with our agency. The examination is supervised and controlled by a doctor appointed by the customers themselves. The results of the examinations lead to the final approval of the surrogate’s candidacy.
  • All medical stages of the program are performed based on the partnering medical institution: synchronization of monthly cycles of genetic and surrogate mothers, receiving the client’s oocytes, standard IVF procedure with the following transfer of embryos into the uterus of the surrogate mother.
  • The surrogate’s pregnancy is diagnosed, and the clients are informed immediately. If the IVF attempt is unsuccessful, the procedure is repeated.
  • Parents are regularly informed in detail about the state of the surrogate and the fetus, as well as about all the necessary medical examinations.
  • The expected date of birth of the baby is determined so that the parents can schedule the long-awaited appointment.
  • The birth is organized on a paid basis. All organizational issues are taken care of by the agency.
  • Surrogate mother gives her official consent to register the child with the indication of genetic parents in the documents.
  • With the help of the agency’s employees, the parents register the newborn baby in the civil registry office (the documents should be prepared beforehand). In the birth certificate they are mentioned in the column’s “mother” and “father”.
  • The baby is handed over to the biological parents in the maternity hospital.

As a result of all the stages of the program, clients pick up a native child whose registration documents are no different from those of children born through natural conception.