Five Reasons to See a Denturist in Surrey Regularly

A lot of people think that if they already have dentures, they don’t have to see a denturist again. However, it’s important to see a denturist in Surrey regularly to make sure you don’t have any oral health issues. A denturist also provides annual checkups to check if your dentures are in perfect shape. They offer diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for patients with missing teeth. Also, they advise them on denture suitability.

Reasons to Schedule Appointments with a Denturist

If you have dentures, you need to consult a denturist regularly to protect your oral health and ensure your dentures are stable. Below are reasons to a regular consultation with a denturist is important:

Natural Changes that Take Place in Your Mouth

Your mouth will go through natural changes like bone loss and tissue shrinkage. As a result, your dentures may not fit anymore and cause some discomfort. When you visit your denturist, they will remove your dentures to check the condition of the tissues under them. Detecting abnormal changes may require special tools and knowledge that a denturist has. 

Oral Cancer Detection

During your consultation with a denturist, your mouth will be examined to find signs of oral cancer. Also, the denturist can spot other oral conditions and make sure you get appropriate treatment. 

Denture Preparation

Worn-out dentures can lead to an improper fit. This can result in issues like sores and inflamed gums. Also, if your dentures do not fit correctly, they can make it hard for you to eat and speak comfortably. This may impact how your face looks. 

When you consult with a denturist, your dentures will be thoroughly examined. The denturist will check the dentures’ stability and see if they fit properly. If they discover any types of anomalies, they will recommend maintaining, repairing, restoring, or renewing your dentures. 

Technological Advancement Awareness

By visiting your denturist regularly, you learn about innovative tooth replacement options you may benefit from. These days, a lot of people opt for dental implants instead of dentures or get implant-supported dentures. 

If you have missing teeth that you want to replace with dentures, visit a denturist as soon as possible. Leaving missing teeth unreplaced for a long time can lead to different issues. The adjacent teeth can shift towards the gap created by the missing teeth. When this happens, your teeth can become misaligned, causing further oral problems. Also, the lack of stimulation in your jawbone because of your missing teeth can result in bone resorption. Jawbone loss and deterioration can happen.