Dos and Don’ts After Getting Braces

Getting braces might be one of the core high school memories for most people. But do not be fooled- many people today, regardless of age, get braces. Braces not only align your teeth but also build a sense of confidence in you. You should note that in some cases, crooked teeth promote periodontal disease, wherein plaque buildup enables bacteria to flourish. 

Getting braces might seem like a huge task for you, but it does not end at that. You need to care for your teeth and look after what you eat to avoid further complications. An experienced dentist in Brooklyn, New York, will be able to give you the best advice on how to take care of your teeth after getting braces.


Getting braces is a journey that does not end as soon as you get them, but in fact, even after you take them off, you need to follow certain tips to keep your teeth healthy.

  • Brush your teeth after every meal

While you are already forced to give up on your favorite food, you also need to brush your teeth carefully after every meal you consume. It is vital to ensure you do not allow plaque buildup between your teeth, wires, or brackets.

  • Use protection on the mouth during sports activities

If you are a sportsperson or might engage in activities that might hurt your teeth and braces, use a mouthguard to protect your braces. This way, your gums will also not be injured while you play.

  • Rinse your mouth regularly.

If you are an office-goer or have school, brushing your teeth carefully and slowly after every meal might not be feasible. You can carry a mouthwash or simply rinse your mouth thoroughly in order to wash away any plaque in your mouth.

  • Consume soft foods

Soon after you get your braces, stick to eating soft foods, as hard foods might damage your braces or cause pain while you chew.


You must know what habits might damage your braces or harm your teeth.

  • Do not eat food that might damage your braces

Avoid eating crunchy, chewy, hard, sticky, or sugary foods, as excessive chewing might hurt your jaw and injure the braces.

  • Do not use your braces as tools.

You might have seen people use their teeth to open lids, cans, or corks. Well, once you get braces, you should totally avoid doing that, as your braces might get ruined.

  • Do not take off the elastic bonds.

Having them on might bug you enormously, but the bands are vital in your teeth’s alignment process. And taking them off may hinder the alignment.