Dentists and You: How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

If you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong, keeping up with your dentist appointments and following some basic dental care at home can go a long way toward that goal. In this article, we’ll discuss the most important parts of regular dental hygiene, including brushing your teeth regularly, flossing daily, using mouthwash every day, and visiting the Scottsdale dentist twice per year. If you follow these steps, your teeth should stay in good shape throughout your life!

Always Brush Twice Daily

In order to keep your teeth healthy, it is important that you brush at least twice a day. It is also important that you use the correct brushing technique by starting in the back of your mouth and working towards the front where the teeth are visible. The pointy end of your toothbrush should get into tight spaces in-between teeth, but not too far down that it can damage gums.

Don’t Leave the Brush in The Mouth

There are many benefits of daily teeth brushing routine, but it’s important not to let the toothbrush stay in your mouth for too long. Leaving the brush inside can damage the bristles and may result in bacteria on your toothbrush that could harm you. Ideally, you should keep the toothbrush in your mouth for at least one minute, but never more than two minutes.

Floss Daily

No one really enjoys the dentist, but there are some things you can do at home to help keep your teeth healthy. For example, try flossing daily!

Use Oral Rinses

Oral rinses are a great way to keep your teeth clean. Dentists suggest that you rinse at least twice a day for thirty seconds, then spit the water out. The best thing about an oral rinse is that it does not require flossing or brushing, so you can use it as an alternative if either of those becomes too difficult. Some brands of oral rinse taste great, which means the whole process will go by much faster than you would think!


Since the average American’s teeth contain five pounds of bacteria, it is important to know how you can keep your teeth healthy. The best way for you to do this is through routine checkups. If you notice any pain or other discomfort coming from your mouth, call your dentist immediately. Remember that prevention is better than a cure when it comes to oral health!