Dental Implant Restoration Options

Dental implants are one of the best methods for the restoration of teeth by improvement of overall health functioning as well as looks. They help to prevent damage and loss of bone within the jaw. Along with that, dental implant in Shelby Charter Township also helps to stop the teeth from moving and keep them secured at one location. Their perks include a natural look with additional benefits in the functioning of teeth. They help in replacing Single as well as multiple sets of teeth. 

Dental implants are healthy in securely holding various kinds of tooth restoration. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures can be used in addition to dental implants. 

Options for dental implant restoration

  • Replacing a tooth with dental crowns

It can be restored by bearing dental implants with a dental crown if you have lost a tooth due to genetic issues, physical trauma, or dental health issues. The dental implants will be placed in the socket where the lost tooth was previously. If there is no space, the dentist will make space for placing the implant so that your oral health can be maintained. 

After the placement of implants, the healing process may last between 4 to 6 months. In the recovery period, Osseointegration will take place in which the bones surrounding the implant and the gum around it will start Joining to hold the implant securely. The restorative process will take place temporarily during this period. 

After the completion of the healing process, the placement of customized crowns will be done. The crown will be prepared by considering the size, shape, and color designed by the patient so that the space in your mouth can be filled to enhance the smile’s appearance. 

  • Replacing various teeth with the help of bridges or partial dentures

Dental bridges will be suitable for your case if you have lost more than one tooth consecutively. Dental bridges involve the fusion of multiple prosthetic tooth fall replacements of a row of lost teeth. Dental bridges do not need 1:1 ratios for replacement. They can be held in place with a lesser number of implants. 

Partial dentures help in the replacement of multiple teeth loss due to accidents, coral diseases, genes, etc. The dentures are customized to fill any gaps in the arches above or below. They are used in addition to dental implants for securely keeping them in one place. 

If you are unsure whether you are a suitable candidate for getting dental restoration with the help of implants, make sure to contact a dentist nearby.