Creatine and Creatine Supplements: Understand the details

Muscles may use creatine as an energy source. About half comes from what you consume, while the other half is created by your liver and kidneys. Many athletes use creatine supplements to increase their power and athletic ability. Supplements carry little danger when used by otherwise healthy persons. However, you should always check with your primary care physician before using any creatine supplements.

Can you shed any light on the mystery that is creatine?

Creatine is a naturally occurring source of energy that helps propel muscle contractions. The Greek term for “flesh” serves as the basis for the name of this dish. About half of the creatine the body needs comes from eating meat and other animal products; the other half is made in the liver and kidneys and delivered to the skeletal muscles. Approximately 95% of the creatine your body produces is stored in your skeletal muscles, where it is used for energy during activity. Maintaining a steady supply of energy for working muscles is facilitated by creatine since it ensures that busy muscles keep producing energy at a high pace. Smaller amounts may be found in your brain, heart, and other organs. So what is creatine used for?

Creatine may be found in many different foods, including milk, red meat, and seafood. On a daily basis, an omnivore or carnivorous diet will provide one to two grammes of creatine. Vegetarians and vegans have been shown to have reduced creatine levels.

Both creatine and its byproduct, creatinine, exist in equilibrium

Creatinine is a laboratory-measured marker of renal function. When you urinate, it gets flushed out of your system. Consequently, your body must release part of its stored creatine every day in order to maintain normal levels, the precise amount of which depends on the amount of muscle you have. Although your body does make some creatine, you still need to get it through food or supplements on a regular basis to keep your levels where they should be.

People use creatine pills for a variety of reasons.

Creatine supplements are often used by athletes of all skill levels, both in and out of the professional ranks, to maximise their workouts and speed up their recoveries. Creatine can boost performance by providing a “quick burst” of energy and increased strength but has a little effect on aerobic endurance. The bulk of people who use creatine supplements are guys who engage in power sports like bodybuilding, football, wrestling, and hockey.

No of your age or current health status, you should always see a doctor or other trained healthcare professional before commencing to utilise creatine supplements.

Do athletes need to use creatine supplements?

Many athletes use creatine supplements. All major sports organisations, including the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the International Olympic Committee, support the supplement’s usage (NCAA).


Despite the fact that most studies have focused on men, it has been demonstrated that women also benefit. Some studies have shown that creatine pills do not help women acquire as much muscle or strength as they do in men after strength training.