Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment 

Many people experience worry and fear before receiving a root canal. Root canals are renowned for being painful, time-consuming, and unpleasant operations. However, much of the information available may be incorrect, and the longer you delay treatment, the less likely you are to keep your tooth. Talk to a Dacula, GA dentist today to learn more. 

Myth 1: Root canal treatment is excruciatingly painful. 

That was true decades ago, but with advanced technology and anesthetics, you will feel no more discomfort than if you went to get a cavity filled. The agony of a severe toothache, frequently caused by damaged tissues in the tooth, can be quickly relieved when an endodontist clears the damaged tissue via root canal treatment. Moreover, endodontists are pain management experts, and most cases may be treated promptly and comfortably. 

Myth 2: Illness is caused by root canal treatment. 

Information on the Internet or elsewhere stating that receiving a root canal treatment increases your chances of becoming unwell or contracting a disease is false. This discredited and poorly planned study was undertaken over a century ago, long before modern science understood the etiology of many diseases. No credible scientific evidence connects root canal treatment to illness anywhere else in the body. 

Myth 3: Tooth extraction is better than root canal treatment. 

If possible, saving your natural teeth is always the best choice. Nothing artificial can substitute the look or the role of a natural tooth, so root canal treatment should always be considered. Endodontic therapy is quite effective; many teeth that have been root canal-treated survive a lifetime. Replacing a removed tooth with a bridge or implant takes much longer and may also need extra surgeries on nearby teeth and supporting tissue. 

Myth 4: When you have an infection, you cannot have a root canal. 

A root canal is necessary if you are uncomfortable with an infected tooth. The root canal will often reduce the pain caused by the infected tooth. When tooth damage has reached the outer layers of enamel as well as the pulp of a tooth – this also includes the nerves – has become infected or inflamed, root canal therapy is required. If left untreated, the infection will worsen. 

Myth 5: Root canals need many lengthy appointments. 

Most root canals can now be completed in a single visit of up to 90 minutes using contemporary procedures. While some root canals take two appointments, this is only in rare situations, depending on the kind and severity of the infection.  

Misinformation can be dangerous. Talk to an expert directly if you have questions about root canal treatments.