Amazing Things Your Electric Toothbrush Can Do for Oral Health

Effectively cleaning your teeth is not just important for your oral health but also for your overall health. It is because when you chew food properly, the nutrients are then absorbed by your body. Similarly, a good set of teeth can maintain the facial structure and keep the smile intact. Therefore, your first priority should be investing proper time and using the correct tools to improve oral health. Contact the Indianapolis family dentist to know more about the use of electric toothbrushes.

Amazing things your electric toothbrush can do for oral health

  • Better cleaning

It is important to brush your teeth effectively to eliminate plaque and other food particles that remain intact in your teeth. Otherwise, it may cause numerous dental problems causing pain and discomfort. An electric toothbrush that generates a high amount of strokes per minute to clean your mouth can be effective. It cleans and removes plaque and dirt from your teeth. It leaves your mouth fresh and assures you of better oral hygiene. 

  • It gets rid of surface stains.

Consuming sugary foods and drinks can stain your teeth. Nobody likes the nasty stains on their teeth. Your electric toothbrush can help remove them when you brush your teeth with it. Get an electric toothbrush with W-shaped bristles and a head designed to effectively fit the teeth’s topography. It will not only provide better cleaning but also remove stains from the surface of your teeth.

  • Multiple modes to clean your teeth

Nobody wants regular brushing when they can opt for better cleaning. Electric toothbrushes come with several cleaning modes that help you with your desired cleaning.  If your toothbrush has whitening mode, it will help remove stains from the teeth’ surface and whiten them. If you have sensitive teeth, electric toothbrushes come with a dedicated, sensitive mode that gently cleans your teeth and gums.

  • Cleans hard-to-reach spots

Some electric toothbrushes have an additional interdental head that helps achieve better oral hygiene and lets you reap superior cleaning benefits. The interdental head reaches the spots a regular brush cannot reach. This feature lets you flush any dirt and plaque out of your mouth and keep your teeth clean and healthy. 

  • It prevents you from over-brushing

Electric toothbrushes come with a 2-minute timer. Within that time, one needs to clean the whole set of teeth. However, it will pause for a second for four intervals reminding you to move to the next spot for brushing. This helps to clean the entire set of your teeth instead of overbrushing.