What You Should Expect for Your First Time at the Dentist 

A visit to the dental office does not have to be feared. Dentists and hygienists are here to help, so they will do everything possible to make your appointment as easy as possible. They may split the procedures across several visits so there is not too much in one sitting. There are also choices for sedation or pain treatment during surgeries. Making it to the dental chair brings you closer to greater health and a more confident smile, so schedule an appointment with a family dentist in Monterey today. 

Before the appointment 

Schedule enough time off work or school to feel less rushed or nervous about returning. When you book your appointment, inquire about how long a cleaning and exam typically take, and then factor in extra time. If it has been a while since your previous visit, you will spend more time in the dentist’s chair. A late-day appointment allows you to go home immediately. 

If you have dental insurance, verify your dentist is in-network before scheduling an appointment. You may be required to pay a co-pay when you visit the office, or your dentist may bill you for the balance after your insurance has paid them. If you do not have insurance, determine how much you should expect to pay at your appointment beforehand. 

On the day of your appointment, arrive early to complete the paperwork or turn it in if papers are accessible online ahead of time, and allow staff time to set you up. Bring your driver’s license and insurance card when you check in at the reception desk. 

A routine visit 

A dental hygienist wraps a plastic or paper cloth around your chest, and you may also be given eye shields to wear. You will notice a tray containing metal and possibly ultrasonic tools. The hygienist uses tools to remove hard plaque buildup and tartar on the surfaces and along your gumline, one tooth at a time. They may also floss between your teeth. 

Let the hygienist know if your jaw hurts or if you experience mouth pain while they are cleaning. You can take breaks whenever you need them. 

After that, you will rinse thoroughly. The hygienist polishes your teeth using an instrument with a spinning head. You may even be able to select the flavor of buffing paste. And then you will rinse once more. X-rays are usually taken once a year to help detect issues that are just beginning or are difficult to see. 

For more information, contact an experienced dentist today and get the help you deserve.