Top Ways Of Tooth Decay Prevention in Kids! 

Tooth decay negatively impacts your tooth enamel. Regularly eating sugary and junk foods? If yes, your enamel may get damaged! This causes tooth decay and sensitivity. If you are a parent of an infant or have a toddler at home, you must know certain measures to prevent tooth decay. In this article, we have jotted down the top ways suggested by a dentist in Grier Heights, Charlotte, NC, which minimizes the chances of tooth decay in babies. Here we go! 

Top ways to prevent tooth decay in kids 

1. Regular brushing 

Tooth decay is common in small kids or toddlers. You may prevent dental infection through continuous brushing. Encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day to prevent bacteria buildup. You must help your child until they develop the right brushing skills. Take a soft-bristled brush, add a pea-size paste on it, and brush for 2 minutes. 

2. Avoid sugary drinks 

Another common reason why your kid may go through tooth cavities and decay is due to continuous consumption of sugary drinks. Sugary and soda drinks erode your enamel, which causes a tingling sensation in your mouth. The weekend enamel impacts your dental health, causing tooth decay. 

3. Cut down junk food 

Junk food is a major reason why your child may experience tooth decay. Junk food is rich in species, sauces, and other foods which impact your teeth negatively. Junk food is a combination of carbohydrates and high-fat meals which erode tooth enamel. Bacterias feed in this environment and produce toxins that destroy enamel, causing gum diseases and cavities. 

4. Flossing

When your child flosses their teeth, the plaque and bacteria build-up get removed. It also helps in removing food particles and other debris stuck in between your teeth, causing cavities. Therefore, you must include regular flossing in your child’s dental routine.

5. Use fluoride  

Fluoride is important for maintaining your tooth enamel. You can encourage your child to either take fluoride pills or toothpaste which prevents cavities in your teeth. Thus, choose a toothpaste with 0.1% fluoride in it.

Wrapping Up 

Taking care of the teeth and mouth of your child is in your hands. Since their teeth are more prone to decay, you must take these steps to present cavities.