Is a Root Canal Necessary for a Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth may require more than just aesthetic attention. This form of tooth injury can be very embarrassing, leading some persons to avoid social situations altogether. The ramifications, however, can go beyond what meets the eye. A chip, if left untreated, might cause additional health problems. A root canal procedure may be recommended by the dentist. If the chip has exposed the pulp or root, the decision will be based on those factors. Discuss your best course of action with Waikiki dental care.

How a tooth chipped

It’s no joke how much discomfort a missing tooth may cause. It can also make a person feel self-conscious about smiling. There are a variety of causes for chips, including accidents and unhealthy practices. A tooth may be chipped by a fall or other hard object striking the face. Biting on a pen, fork, spoon, or any other item that people commonly chew on is a similar experience.

Grinding your teeth can also cause tooth damage. Those that engage in this behavior typically do so while sleeping. In the long run, it wears down teeth and makes them more vulnerable to decay. If you don’t wash your teeth regularly, decay and enamel wear will eventually cause chips.

Tiny cracks

Minor tooth damage may go unnoticed by others. The dentist may discover a chip during an examination or X-ray. The dentist may merely need to smooth and polish the tooth if the chip is this little. Cosmetic bonding and fillings, which use a resin material that solidifies into a moldable substance, can also be used to restore the tooth’s structure and alter its appearance. Root canal therapy is not required if the damage to the tooth is minimal.

Low-Intensity Chips

Your dentist can choose from a few different treatments for a chipped tooth of modest size. The tooth’s original form and integrity can be restored with the use of a crown. A veneer, like bonding, can restore a tooth to its original size and shape. The patient’s tooth damage can be repaired in whichever way they desire.

Root canal therapy is necessary if

The damage to a tooth caused by a chip is more than simply cosmetic. Exposed nerves and roots can be a major source of pain and discomfort. It increases the likelihood of decay and infection in the tooth.