Getting a dental bridge: Things patients need to know

Decay, injury, and infections are common reasons why one may suffer tooth loss. If you are missing just one or two teeth, you don’t always need to go for dentures. Dentures are affordable but are also flimsy and can move around in your mouth. Another way to replace your missing teeth is dental implants, which are effective but also expensive. Somewhere in between is a dental bridge. If your dentist in Summit, IL, has recommended getting a bridge, don’t miss the details listed below.

An Overview of dental bridges

A dental bridge is used as a part of restorative dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth. The traditional dental bridge features two crowns on the sides, where the pontics are in the middle. The material used for such bridges is porcelain fused to metal. The crowns go over the adjacent teeth, which help hold the artificial teeth in place. Effective and highly durable, dental bridges have been in use for years.

When you may benefit from a dental bridge

If you have a few missing teeth in between, a dental bridge could be a better choice over dentures. Once the artificial teeth are in place, other teeth will not move from their respective places. A dental bridge also helps maintain your facial shape and ensures that you can eat and chew properly.

The procedure

You will need at least two appointments with the dentist to get a bridge. During the first appointment, the dentist will offer a fair evaluation of why you may benefit from the treatment. They will also check your teeth to find other concerns, if any, that need attention. During the next appointment, the dentist will buff the anchoring teeth for the crowns, and the step is done under local anesthesia. They will take accurate impressions of your bite to make a mold, which is sent to the lab for creating a custom dental bridge. When you visit the dentist after two weeks, they will fix the appliance in place.

Things to note

You need to keep up with your oral hygiene habits for your teeth and the dental bridge. Ensure you check with the dentist as recommended for a routine checkup after a few weeks. Once in place, a dental bridge doesn’t need any additional care, but like more restorative appliances, you will need a replacement after a few years.

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