Dental Implants in Omaha, NE: What Makes Them Better than Other Dental Restorations?

If you have been seeing your dentist regularly, you probably know why you should have any missing tooth replaced as soon as possible. While dentures have been the go-to option for teeth replacements in the past, dental implants offer a more permanent solution to missing teeth. While dental implants in Omaha, NE, are costlier than dentures, they prevent jawbone shrinkage as they function like your natural teeth, offering the stimulation your gums need to preserve your jawbone. The following are the benefits of dental implants:


Dental implants are more comfortable to have than dentures. They are designed after your natural teeth, so they fit and feel like them. Traditional dentures are known for being uncomfortable to wear and causing changes to your ability to speak and what you can eat. But implants do not cause these issues.

Improved Bone and Facial Profile

Those who have missing teeth can have a shortened or sagged facial profile over time. This happens because when your mouth loses a tooth, the empty part no longer gets the stimulation it needs to preserve the bone. Hence, bone loss can occur, triggering jawbone shrinkage. But dental implants will fuse with the bone after some time, strengthening it. This holds the implants in place and provides support to give a better facial profile. 

Improved Diet

Eating with implants can boost your health, particularly if you have been eating with dentures. You probably know how dentures restrict your diet. But with implants, you do not need to stick to soft foods or limit your diet. With dentures, you can experience nutritional deficiency due to your limited diet. Dental implants feature a simple design, which means you don’t need to learn how to chew, talk, or swallow using a bigger dental prosthesis. Rather, dental implants follow your natural bite and mirror your natural teeth. 


Dental implants allow for freedom that affects all aspects of your life. By being able to laugh around comfortably and confidently with friends, posing in photos again, or eating out with your loved ones, implants are worth the money. 

If you have been living with the pain associated with dentures or a limited diet, you can change this by getting implants. After the restoration is completed, you will notice the astounding difference. 

Proven Results

No matter the number of your teeth you want to replace, the majority of dental implants can last forever. Because implants can mimic the look of your natural teeth, nobody will notice you have them. Also, you will experience less discomfort due to their design and predictability.