5 Signs that you must see an orthodontist in South Torrance

For the unversed, orthodontists specialize in treating and fixing malocclusion. If you are a parent, you should schedule an orthodontic visit for your child by the age of 7. Also, it is wrongly assumed that orthodontic care and treatments are only for kids and teenagers. You may have malocclusion and need to Orthodontist in South Torrance, CA, even in your 30s. In this post, we have enlisted five signs that are worth noting.

You have pain in your gums and teeth

If you have pain, inflammation, and swelling in your gums and teeth, it could be a case of misalignment. Remember that there are several causes for toothache, but orthodontic concerns are more likely when you have generic pain in your mouth. Check with your dentist in South Torrance first, and if they find it necessary, they may recommend seeing an orthodontist.

You have sleep apnea

Common among adults and kids alike, sleep apnea is a serious concern. If you have symptoms like loud snoring, gasping for breath during your sleep, waking up with a dry mouth, morning headaches, and insomnia, check with an orthodontist if it is a concern related to the narrow jaw, which may cause teeth alignment issues. Your dentist may help you have treatment options to resolve breathing troubles.

You have a hard time when talking

If you notice an overbite or have trouble speaking words in a flow, it could be a concern related to teeth alignment. Patients often fail to have proper tongue-to-tooth contact because of teeth placement, and these symptoms can be easily fixed with orthodontic care. You can articulate better, which can help improve your confidence.

You have difficulty enjoying food

When your teeth are not aligned typically, you may have a hard time chewing food. From overbites and underbites to crossbites, there could be one or more issues that may prevent your teeth from closing properly. Don’t let such symptoms impact your food choices. An orthodontist can provide you with braces, which will help shift your teeth.

You don’t feel confident about your smile

When you don’t have the perfect set of teeth, you may become conscious about how you talk to others. Orthodontic care can also help fix some of the common cosmetic concerns. Braces, unlike veneers, actually help straighten your smile, and therefore, the results are permanent.

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